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Last year I read an article about furniture free living. There was a photo of a very open living room with monkey bars (!) and a ladder laid in the middle. ( The idea was that it kept the family always moving and using their bodies instead of letting their muscles rely on a couch or chair. May 18th I mentioned it to my husband. Showed him another article I’d recently come across about the health benefits of living without furniture and he said we’d try it!

The evening of May 19th we moved everything out of our living room and into our toy hauler camp trailer. I was so excited! We set out a blanket we really liked and loved the crisp feel of the room! As a massage therapist with a husband who also does some body work, a massage table has become a permanent installation in our home with no real place to put it. Now there was room for it without feeling super cluttered!!


Fun Note:
We moved everything out in the evening after our boys were in bed. In the morning our oldest, age 2.5 came out and sat on the floor with us.
“Cows? Cows?”
“They’re in the field buddy. They’re night night.” It was about 6am.
“huhuu-uu…” Very disappointed sounding. “I need sit on cousch.”
“OH! The couches went bye bye, buddy. Mama and daddy moved them.”
“Uhhh…” again disappointment. But by the end of the day, I think he liked it!

The next day was Wednesday and I was off so I got to enjoy it with our boys! We played more because I was on the floor with them. We were lent a long baby fence and I used it to keep the younger one in our new furniture free play area. Later that day I made a fort out of the gate pieces and the massage table. Ultimate FORT! It was big with plenty of free space inside instead of chair legs to try to work around.


Some of the benefits we’ve found are:

More play time with the boys
Sore muscles that are working harder and becoming stronger
Better snuggles (movie time)
Room to run on a rainy day
Less clutter/mess

3 thoughts on “Furniture Free Living

  1. What a great idea! I know it wouldn’t fly in our house but I love that you guys aren’t afraid to try new things😊

  2. That’s not something I’ve considered terribly seriously… but I like the idea and I’ve been told that’s one of the similarities between cultures that live long and productive lives. Its up there with cooking and heating with wood and then composting your ashes for the veggie garden 😉
    I have so many questions though. Was it just the living room or do you eat on the floor too? do you stand at desks? do you have cushions or ottomans? would that defeat the purpose? how much tv/ movie time do you have? was tv less interesting without a couch to sink into? what does your husband and family do to relax? what do you do when people come over? that sounds really intriguing though, not gonna lie!

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