Welcome to That Crunch blog. Where it’s all about That Crunch. This site has been around for a few years. Not a lot of content has gone up in 2 years, and my plan is to change that. This is a place for a mother to get refreshed, encouraged and inspired. Motherhood is the highest calling, the toughest job, and boasts the highest rate of return when you give it your BEST.

In all things, our family strives to serve our Heavenly Father. We know without doubt, we fall short… But, we are always learning and growing that we might present Him with our earthly best and instill that in our children as well.

That Crunch is dedicated to homemakers who strive to do the best for their family in finances, healthy eating, wellness, training, and home education. I am passionate about doing things how Abba intends and that will be a theme running throughout this blog.

I am thrilled that you’re joining me on this journey! May you follow the Lord’s guiding in all of your endeavors.

Blessings and Shalom,