Furniture Free Living: 2

June 3rd, 2015

“Since the furniture free decision, it’s made me want to purge! We’ve hauled 4 boxes to a friend to put in a yard sale, 2 boxes to a consignment shop, and 3 to salvation army. A few bags have went to the trash and there is still so much more to go through. I feel lighter…

Piles being gone through.
Piles being gone through.

After getting rid of the first round of things and having the furniture out of the house, Cody looked at me and said,

“Thank you… Thank you for doing this. I feel like I can breathe again!”

He was exactly right. It really did feel like that simple unconscious function was easier.

May 31st we had to move the furniture back in the house in anticipation of a camping trip. We had decided through our 10 day trial run that we liked it! I listed the couches for sale and we chose to keep the ‘haven’ furniture free. So the couches are a cluttered mess right as you walk in the door. In just that evening I felt more like I was choking again.

What I waltzed around to get in my front door for a while.  And what caught... clutter!
What I waltzed around to get in my front door for a while. And what caught… clutter!

The nice lines I’d been enjoying and the free feeling I’d had were gone. Replaced with disgust at the mess I cant keep up with. Now, 2 days later, it’s even worse. There’s partially folded laundry sitting on the couch, toys, papers…. They were horizontal clutter collectors! No wonder it felt better without them. It forced us to do the chores needed and find a home for papers etc!

So excited to make our couches leave our home!”


My mom ended up needing our couches so we gave them to her. We had these 2 big beautiful leather chairs that we couldn’t part with. So they moved out of the ‘haven’ into the ‘entry way’ of the house. Our living room is really long and narrow and we split it into living room and entry/catch all. That way grandparents and guests still have a place to lounge if need be. You may even find Cody or I in one from time to time *gasp*! Mostly though, they’re catch alls. A place to put laundry that needs folded or the lunch box that needs to set somewhere. They are vertical clutter collectors which is one reason I’m thrilled with no couches!

Big Leather Comfey if-you-sink-you-don't-get-out Chair
Big Leather Comfey if-you-sink-you-don’t-get-out Chair

I admit I was on cloud 9! We had lost our son earlier in the month (24 week stillbirth to come later). I joked that my husband was just humoring me in my mental breakdown and was being really sweet by not telling me how insane I was acting. I really wanted to extend it to other areas of the home but didn’t want to push my luck either ;).

Our midwife was the first to visit and see it. She walked in and remarked that it looked like a Yoga studio and that she loved it. She hunkered down on the floor for our visit and loved every moment of it! Other people came by to visit and every one said how they loved the idea. Cody made mention that they probably thought we had gone mental enough that if they didn’t claim to like it we might off them. Ha!

*Sneak Peak to next Monday for Furniture Free Living

We have really enjoyed our haven! A week after we moved everything out, my husband stayed home with the boys the 2 days I work and they really made good use of it. We’ll show you all of the ways it’s made play even more fun and involved!

Sensory play with lots of space!
Sensory play with lots of space!

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  1. It’s funny but I always sit on the floor when it is time to relax with the family at night. I spend most of my time on the floor. HOWEVER, I know there will be a time where the better be a chair somewhere for me to sit on, because if I get down on the floor, I may not be able to get back up! P.S. I hate clutter, so I totally get this. 🙂

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