Defeating Bad Days

Written in August: Since we lost Chip in May, I am an emotional hormonal roller coaster. Most days I am paralyzed by something invisible that does not allow me to do the simplest things. Laundry usually happens. But there are days I walk into the kitchen and I cannot function. The dishes are a daunting … More Defeating Bad Days

Legend Of The 4 Thieves

There are many variations of this legend as well as the formula, but here’s one. During the Black Plague in Europe, there were 4 thieves. Legend has it that they ran around looting the sick and the dead. They would take valuables off of defenseless bodies and out of unprotected homes. The authorities couldn’t catch … More Legend Of The 4 Thieves

Risk Your Pride

I was humbled as only God can do last night. There is a person who I have held in high regard for many years. They are an internet sensation and I have learned so much from them. I hoped someday to meet this person and knew I wouldn’t know what to say if that day … More Risk Your Pride

Furniture Free Bedroom

Furniture Free Bedroom! Ok, just the bed. We still have dressers. This chronicles our adventure of SLEEPING on the floor! We’re ‘TRY IT’ people. Because, you don’t know until you TRY! After about 3 weeks and the final decision to get rid of our couches, I wanted to try sleeping on the floor. Cody was … More Furniture Free Bedroom

A Labor of Love: Chip’s Story

In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance this month and the national day yesterday, I thought it fitting to share the loss of Chip Jordan with you all. I promise I will rarely be this long winded but our angles deserve every detail we can give them. We got pregnant with our 3rd 4-5 … More A Labor of Love: Chip’s Story