What Are These Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the immune system of a plant. They are steam distilled from a plant, bottled, and sent to you to use for wellness!

I researched companies and chose to use Young Living because they are the oldest in the business. A few other companies have sprung up but most of those founders started in YL. Young Living owns their own farms or have co-op farms rather than purchasing oils from brokers. They only plant in virgin soil (no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides etc). They use essential oils for pest control, and weed control is done BY HAND! You are welcome to come to their farms and tour and see their practices in action. There are no secrets with Young Living.

How can you be well if the company you choose uses chemicals in the production of their product? I strive to keep my family well, and that’s what I want for YOU also.

Their Seed to Seal promise is solid. They have complete control of their product from the time it goes in the ground until it is on your doorstep!


How do I get Essential Oils?

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Through a wholesale member of Young Living, like me!

You may become a retail customer if you only want to try an oil, or you can become a wholesale member and get 24% off anything you purchase (with no order obligation). <<<my favorite ;).

There are starter kits that automatically give you a wholesale membership. My favorite is the Premium Starter Kit. With that, you receive:
The wholesale membership
A Home Diffuser ($70 value)
11 Essential Oils
*Stress Away
For $160.


If you bought the diffuser and Frankincense alone, you would be over that price! It is an excellent deal.

Ready to get oils and keep your family healthier?

Click here!

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