I Have NOT Shampooed My Hair in 2 Years

September marked 2 years since I used shampoo, conditioner, or any other ‘product’ on my hair. I know what you’re thinking… “GAG! This woman is nuts!” That’s probably true ;), but not because I don’t shampoo my hair.

In the fall of 2013 I heard about this weird thing called ‘no poo’. Initial reaction: “Um… since when can we get around poop?” Even babies on a liquid diet still poop (my only son at the time was 11 months so I knew this!). Upon further investigation, this actually meant no SHAMpoo… Interesting concept, especially for the daughter of a hair dresser.

I grew up in my mom’s beauty shop. Around barbasol, hair color, permanent chemicals, hairspray, and the list goes on. In 2011 when we began our ‘Pre-Conception’ diet (more to come soon!) I began looking at the vast amount of chemicals in our home. I didn’t want this causing my body problems and in turn my baby problems. I found a way around just about everything! We cleaned the grocery store out of 7th Generation cleaning products (later to learn these aren’t that great), changed our shampoos and conditioners, laundry soap, etc.

I first heard about ‘no poo’ in my son’s baby group. I knew what my hair looked like after 2 days of not shampooing, I couldn’t imagine switching to… never. I read and read and learned that there was a detox period in which your hair does get extremely yucky. And if necessary, you could use baking soda on it when it got really bad, otherwise, you were to just let it go, run hot water through it and rinse with apple cider vinegar.

I took the plunge on a Monday in September. And boy did it get yucky! I used baking soda on Sundays most of the time so it wasn’t horrid for church or work on Monday. I became very accomplished at using a hat or scarf to hide my detoxing grease ball.

By 4 weeks I was starting to think this was a myth. But I stuck to it. A friend had done it and she said 6 weeks and her hair was much shorter than mine. 6 weeks and 2 days and it was still yucky. 8 weeks! 8 weeks and it began to get beautifully silky smooth. It laid perfect! Framed my face perfect! I was in awe, and thrilled! The hairdressers daughter who uses no products. Oh the irony!

That's shimmer, not grey ;)
That’s shimmer, not grey 😉

IMG_2848 (copy)

Since, I use baking soda still about once a week and apple cider vinegar after I wash the baking soda out. Any other time throughout the week when I shower, I just use acv. I used to NEED to shower daily because of my hair! Now, I wait for my body to need washing before I shower. In turn, I’m soaking up fewer chemicals from our lovely tap water as well!

If you aren’t that brave but still want to use a chemical free shampoo, Young Living has a wonderful line of chemical free shampoo and conditioner!

Not sure what Young Living is? Check this out!

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