Furniture Free Bedroom

Furniture Free Bedroom! Ok, just the bed. We still have dressers. This chronicles our adventure of SLEEPING on the floor!

We’re ‘TRY IT’ people. Because, you don’t know until you TRY! After about 3 weeks and the final decision to get rid of our couches, I wanted to try sleeping on the floor. Cody was up for it, but our bed is an old water bed frame with mattress and box springs in it. Not an easy thing to move if we’re just ‘trying’ something out. So we decided to have the trial run in the living room.

Cody used to sleep on a futon and loved it. We found the futon mattress in storage and cleaned it up and put it in the living room. We’d bought these cheap lights at Hobby Lobby and my hubby surprised me with this in our ‘haven’ after we’d got the bed set and our boys in bed.

Living Room Trial
Living Room Trial

The first couple of nights took some getting used to, but ultimately, we really enjoyed it. And, after a 15 day trial, decided we wanted our living room back and would move our bed out! Through this journey the bulk of the info I could find for furniture free living was Asian in origin (*edited), mostly Japanese. We had begun to fall in love with the hard wood floors and extreme minimalism look. We even priced hardwood flooring at Home Depot. Our carpet *gag* has a ton of life left in it (already 40 years old) and doesn’t need replaced but it was a thought that we entertained.

We took the bed apart on a Friday and between kiddos, it took the morning or longer.

Our oldest son Clark was a HUGE help ;). From carrying ‘heavy’ loads to pulling apart the bed. We had fun with his help!

Our BIG Help!
Our BIG Help!

The lovely orange shag carpet was on the replace list, but it too had life in it! It does not get along with our Husky’s hair though. We got the bed slid somewhat away from the wall and there was a register vent (no longer in use) and out of curiosity I pulled back a corner of the carpet. Bless my soul, is that HARD WOOD!? Hidden under this hideous carpet!


Yes, the carpet went too that day. I dislike carpet for several reasons, but the fact that it never really gets clean is number 1! I swept up a huge dirt pile after we removed it.

The dog didn’t want it to go away. He usually needs help to get in the bed of the pickup, but he hopped up there and laid on the carpet like a king who’d had his castle stolen.

We mopped the hardwood and looked into refinishing it, but it wasn’t in our budget so that hasn’t happened yet.

We moved our futon in and kept the headboard. We also did a ton of purging and cleaning this day. It was a long day. But I really like the end result.

Finished Project
Finished Project
Finished Project
Finished Project

We laid down on our bed in our room with our hardwood floor that first night and immediately I said, “It’s harder than in the living room.” Cody didn’t really think so… until morning. 😉 The difference of our futon mattress on the carpet in the living room to the hardwood in the bedroom was a big difference. We put blankets under the futon mattress for a bit more buffer and we did try camping mats but they weren’t the full width of the bed so we took them back out.

It’s been 4 months of sleeping on the floor, and I still like it! In our old creaky house my biggest complaint may be that it’s too cold before long. We’ll see! 😀

4 thoughts on “Furniture Free Bedroom

  1. The word oriental is offensive. You might want to consider alternate words when describing Asian culture.

  2. Thats awesome! one of my good friends ripped up carpet and re did the floor. i dont know if they had them refinshed but i know she stained them herself and all the nasty marks (cat pee spots) are blended in and beautiful. youd never know the place was a dump.
    Your place looks good now i bet you’ll be REALLY pleased once its finished.
    Back on topic, do you fall asleep faster now that youre on the floor?

    1. I realize this is an incredibly overdue response… I can’t say that I do. I think if it were on the earth (soil), I would. As it is, there is still flooring, foundation, etc between me and the earth beneath.

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