Risk Your Pride

Proceed with caution

I was humbled as only God can do last night. There is a person who I have held in high regard for many years. They are an internet sensation and I have learned so much from them. I hoped someday to meet this person and knew I wouldn’t know what to say if that day ever came. As we all do, I had put them on a pedestal that only God belongs on and in the last few years, they’ve not been holding up to the standard I have held them to.

I would nit pick this and that. “How can they say they believe this and act this way.” You know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably done it too. We all have our stars attached to our Facebook. And I’ve messaged this person a few times throughout the last few years with never a response. The first time I passed it off as they’re too busy for me. The next time a little seed of contempt worked it’s way in, and the next time it just upset me. “If they’re so high and mighty, you’d think they’d care about me (the customer) if I could aid their business.”

Yesterday as I was praying for friends I’ve met in person and some I’ve grown to love through Facebook. This person, this idol, came to mind. I got angry. Really! I was ready to sit down and write a nasty gram to them saying how if they wanted to maintain the business they were running, they ought to take time for everyone because they didn’t know who the next person was that might aid them. Etc Etc Etc. You know the letters one can compose in their head. They can be quite good and quite dramatic. I thought of a couple of friends who also really admire this individual and how dumb they were for it. And then this still small voice said, “Maybe you should pray for them. Maybe, you need to message them and see if you can pray for them.”

“Huh… Ok, you da boss, God.” I went to message them and looked at the previous ones that had gone unanswered. The last one I wrote was last spring. This is what it said, “Is there anything I can pray about for you today?” Really? The last thing I wrote this person was to see if I could pray for them and I got no response. Oh well, humble me Lord, and I wrote them again. “Is there anything I can pray about for you today?” And humble me He did.

This individual finally responded. They said yes, they could use prayer. They were working with abuse victims and needed wisdom. They asked for prayer for the salvation of 2 people specifically. Whoa… Wow, God. That made me feel small. I had to repent. Right then I asked for forgiveness for the dislike and negativity I had had toward this person. I also had to ask for forgiveness for the high regard I’d given to them. They had been an idol to me at one time and there should be no one esteemed that high because we’re fallen humans. When you put someone up there, they will disappoint you. E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E.

I prayed for this person. I prayed for the people they are working with, and I will continue to pray for them. Prayer does many things. Praying for others is a powerful ministry. And sometimes, praying for others does more for you than it does the people you’re lifting up. As parents, we need to be on our knees all of the time for our children. Both petitioning for them, and being an example for them.

Humble Thyself