Legend Of The 4 Thieves


There are many variations of this legend as well as the formula, but here’s one. During the Black Plague in Europe, there were 4 thieves. Legend has it that they ran around looting the sick and the dead. They would take valuables off of defenseless bodies and out of unprotected homes. The authorities couldn’t catch them, and they weren’t getting sick! Logic would say that eventually, they would become ill and they would be caught but that’s not what happened. They never got sick!

When they were finally caught, it was learned that one of them was an apothecary. He had come up with an herbal formula, later named the ‘Marseilles Vinegar’ and that was what kept them well. They would dip their masks in it so they were breathing it, drink it, and rub their bodies down with it. When they were finally caught, they were offered leniency if they shared the formula. They did!

This formula was put on flyers and posted throughout Europe. Many people used it. As I said earlier, there have been many variations of this formula and originally, it was a vinegar. Most formulas have at least 6 herbs in them, often times more than that. Rosemary and Clove are a constant in almost each variation I’ve seen.

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