Cold Weather Comfort Chili

Chili is the best cold weather and snowy weather food!  We had snow yesterday and last night I decided we’d have chili for supper tonight knowing it would clear off and be frigid this evening. I wanted to share my recipe with all of you, my favorite readers! Comfort Chili I soaked 2 cups of … More Cold Weather Comfort Chili

Long Lasting Laundry Soap

Something I’ve come to love about Chemical Free Living is that it usually means SAVING MONEY!  We began using this soap recipe in 2010!  It was a great way to save money on a TIGHT budget… well, no budget then.  It was pay check to pay check at that point. I would make 5 gallons … More Long Lasting Laundry Soap

When We Gave Up On Debt

In June 2011 our church hosted its first ever Financial Peach University (FPU). I really wanted to attend this 13 week class but my husband was not interested. We knew we were in debt. We knew we needed out of debt. That was the picture he saw. At the time I had a sock drawer … More When We Gave Up On Debt

Our First Step To A Healthier Life

Have you always been a HEALTH NUT? Well, no. I’ve known something about what mattered, but I didn’t have the money to care… or so I thought. This is a story about our first step toward a really different life style. The second time my husband ever bought me a meal, it was at Wendy’s. … More Our First Step To A Healthier Life