Our First Step To A Healthier Life

Have you always been a HEALTH NUT? Well, no. I’ve known something about what mattered, but I didn’t have the money to care… or so I thought. This is a story about our first step toward a really different life style.
The second time my husband ever bought me a meal, it was at Wendy’s. He LOVED Live Wire Mountain Dew. And I don’t mean the ‘that’s the only flavor soda I drink’, he LOVED it. He became raging furious the first time that we were out (as a married couple) and I said he’d have to wait until payday. I had flashbacks to childhood and alcoholics! He was livid. So, you see the junkie addict I married? Get it? Been there? Or maybe you are there?

I’m not perfect! Nor was I then. In fact, starving myself was the easiest way to try and eat healthy. It meant getting less junk in me on the whole, even if it was a binge when I did eat. And on empty calories to boot. No, I had no eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia. I just wasn’t that strong. Face it, food… is yummy! I’d get up skip breakfast and be a shaking mess by 10am and find SOMETHING, ANYTHING to eat.

I was 30lbs overweight when we got married. We’d been married about 3 months when we watched a documentary about the Gerson Therapy for cancer treatment. We both decided to try something of their protocol as a cleanse. Carrot and apple juice. But how?


That’s A LOT of juice for 2 people for a cleanse. They suggested the Norwalk juicer. It is state of the art, stainless steel, heavy (very!) juicer. It has a ½ horse press, and is said to give you the most nutrients from the fruit or vegetable. One review we saw said that the deer wouldn’t even eat the pulp thrown in the compost when Norwalk was done with it. Ok! Lets get one! We found one on Ebay which is another story entirely.

Then the part we knew nothing about. O R G A N I C. . . Why? A carrot is a carrot is a carrot! Um, no. We learned that organic would mean not GMO, not sprayed with chemicals, and not raised in chemical laden soil. Hmmm. Ok, I guess. And the coffee, it has to be organic too?! Do you know how expensive organic coffee is?

At this point in our marriage we had about $40,000 in debt. I was commuting 80 minutes one way to work and yes, still made a little profit after fuel (2010). Cody’s job was steady, but with the debt load, we were just getting by.

So, a CLEANSE… With organic stuff… ok! I juiced morning and night to get us enough to take to work and make it through the day. After 2 days, Cody NEEDED some cheese. I think we made 3 days of a juice cleanse. Since we hadn’t bothered to set a goal, this was good!

WE FELT SO MUCH BETTER! WOW! We started trying to worry a bit more about what we ate. We hadn’t changed our financial situation, so organic all the time was out of the question, but we had a better understanding of why it mattered. Now, 5 years later, I have taken the stance that no matter what you do, you will PAY for your health. You can choose to pay for it now in organic food, and nautral remedies, or you can pay for it later in medical bills. Either way, you will spend money on your health. You have one vehicle to take you through this life, better to take care of it now and have a working unit later. Does that mean you have to start with a juice cleanse? No. But buy some organic produce 😉 ! INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH!

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