Two Item Tub Scrub

When my mom was pregnant with me she went Comet crazy!  She cleaned everything with Comet.  The first time I remember her cleaning with it I all but tried to eat it.  I LOVED the smell.  To me it was one of those smells you could roll in and eat and still not get enough of it!  Gross, right?  YES, GAG!  Something about her using it while pregnant had me addicted to it.  As I aged, I realized that that couldn’t be healthy for me.  And when I got married and had my own place, it’s not a chemical I ever purchased.

Today, a lot has changed.  I don’t use any chemicals.  So how am I to clean the tub without my precious Comet?  😉  With baking soda, duh!  Oh, and a little thing called elbow grease.  This can be purchased at your local grocer…


I scrubbed the line in the tub today and was quite pleased with how well just baking soda and a scrub brush worked.


It’s not terribly easy to tell, but the left half of the photo was scrubbed and the right half was not.  Blind Bart here, was doing it without my glasses on so making a solid line did not happen 😉 .  We scrubbed the shower walls this way too and I’m pleased.

I also grew up using Clean Shower.  You sprayed the shower after each use and in theory the chemical cocktail would keep things clean.  You really didn’t want to be in the bathroom for the next 20 minutes or so after using it because it would choke you.  So for maintenance, we just spray the shower down with Thieves Household Cleaner after each use.

:O  Someone can’t spell! ^^^

I really have come to adore our chemical free life.  And one aspect that I love is that I feel comfortable letting my children help me clean.  They are eager helpers and by using items that won’t harm them, I am confident in allowing them to help!  Toss those toxins this winter, let me help!

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  1. I thought i was the only one crazy for comet! When i became pregnant with my first the smell of comet and bleach made my mouth water….i didnt want to ingest it. I just became addicted to the smell. Ive been using baking soda for more and more things around the house so reading that its useful to clean the bathroom is exciting! No chemical spray headaches in a cramped bathroom!

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