Let’s Hatch Chicks!

Hurray for our first home school post!!  Mama finally spent her birthday money a couple weeks ago, and check out what we got!?  An INCUBATOR!!  It’s time to add some fresh blood to our flock and what better way to do it than to double it as a home school project.  The incubator will be used for years, and each year the boys will be able to have a better understanding of the science behind it.  For now, Clark is just ready for “The baby chicks to hatch!”

We picked a Brinsea Incubator on the recommendation of a friend.  When the box arrived, it took Clark milliseconds to deduce that chicks came from eggs based on the photos on the box.  He was ready to stick them in right then and all afternoon he told us, “The baby chicks a-hatchin!”  We did not set eggs that first day but at 6am the next his first groggy words were, “The eggs turn into chicks!”  “Not yet, buddy.”

My husband borrowed another incubator from family so we could do more eggs at once.  We debated waiting a while longer so that outside temps were higher when they hatched, but we couldn’t deny our excited boy and we set eggs January 21st!


We saved eggs from our chickens (we have 3 rooters… they should be fertile!) for a few days then selected the best shaped eggs to place in the incubators.  I tried to avoid dirty ones, but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got!  Clark was beside himself.


We marked the eggs with an X on one side and an O on the other so we could track them as we turned them.  The incubator we borrowed is also a Brinsea but a fancier model, complete with auto turning (link here) and the water reservoir (link here).  We bought the ‘cheap’ one 😉 so we’ll have to turn the eggs 3 times a day.

Daily now, we are told that the “Baby chicks a-hatchin!” by an excited little boy!  This has been a great home school project because it teaches MANY things which is one reason I love home school.  We have a calender that is Clark’s and we have marked the days it will take for the chicks to ‘get here’.  He’s learning about

  • The Month/Calendar
  • The Concept of Time
  • Science of Eggs Becoming Chickens
  • God’s Magnificent Creations
  • Patience!

So, when he can hardly contain himself because the auto incubator just turned the eggs, we go back to the calender and look at how long it is going to take.

Here’s a Clark quote from Breakfast the other morning:

“These eggs are nummy, mama.”
“Thanks, Bud.”
The baby chicks in the eggs….” Pause.  “Need to eat the baby chicks…. Hey where the baby chicks?!”

Oh, the things we are learning!

We invite you to follow us on this fun adventure as we hatch our first batch of chicks.  Next week I’ll be posting about checking the eggs or candling.  This is to see which ones are growing and which aren’t.  Stay tuned!


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“I can hear the baby chicks Hatchin’!”

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