Chicks Are Here

The first little crack in an egg was one week ago today.  They weren’t scheduled to arrive until a day later.  At 3am, the first one made its appearance.  Cody got Clark out of bed to show him the first chick!  He got to watch it finish coming out of the shell.


He was excited.  I asked him what it’s name was and he quickly told me, “Zoey!”  The next day we had another one hatch and I asked what its name was and he said, “ZOEY!”  However, when it comes time to hold a chick, he wants the first one that hatched.  It’s the only Zoey worthy of being held. <3  Hopefully she doesn’t croak from too much affection.  That would be tragic!

Our success rate is not very good to be painfully honest.  We incubated 16 eggs and had 4 hatch.  4 others were dark in the shells when we candled (which means there was a baby growing) and two of them were fully developed but did not hatch.  I have no idea what happened short of being over jostled by excited boys (and parents 🙂 ).

Chick 3 in mid hatch

It is too cold to have them outside yet.  So they are in a brooder in our home.  Our youngest, Grant, is allergic to chicken meat and eggs and we’ve heard that that can transfer to the birds as well.  We were a bit nervous, but he seems to be just fine with our new guests, Praise the Lord!

Clark is learning about caring for the chicks and has helped feed them and get water for them.


We started another batch of eggs on Saturday the 13th.  I hope we have a better success rate this time!!  I have somewhat of a theory.  We saved eggs for a few days so that we would have enough to put in the incubator.  Mama hens do this too and they don’t start to grow until she steadily keeps them warm.  My guess is that the ones that hatched were eggs we got that day.  So this time, I marked the ones from Saturday differently so we can see if I’m right.  Who knows!  Maybe most just weren’t fertilized.


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