Summer Lemonade! THM Style

I’m not ‘working’ this week, so naturally, I have time to write! HA!  I have just as much time as any other week.  Priorities, Sarah.  Y’all have been asking for a few things, so over the next few weeks, I hope to fulfill those requests.  One was for chocolate popcorn!  And yesterday we had an amazing overnight crockpot french toast casserole.

I’ll be adding to my THM files which honestly have um… zilch in them.  I’m 30 weeks with this babe and fully intend to stay ON PLAN the rest of this pregnancy.  I was in the beginning then… morning sickness.  ‘Nough said.  And then I just excused my way to here.  10 weeks from delivery and 22lbs heavier.

We have also began the certification process for Core Alignment Therapy and there will be some of that mixed into here as well.  I’m learning more incredible things from Katy Bowman (that lady that made us get rid of our couches! j/k) about movement and how that alone can heal SO many things.  Not exercise, but movement.  Yes… there’s a difference.

So, a favorite sipper our whole family has been enjoying this summer is this Lemonade!  Super easy and really cheap, plus it can double as an electrolyte replacer.  For me, that’s a WIN WIN WIN on a hot summer day :).

 Summer Lemonade

1/2 cup Lemon Juice
12-20 packets of Truvia (not the one with sugar!  The huge range here is based on how sweet or tart you like your lemonade)
2-3 tsp Celtic Sea Salt (pregnant mamas, THIS IS YOUR FRIEND!  Swelling be gone by adding sea salt into your diet and eliminating MSG.  That’s another post though.  Just trust me.)
Top with water
Stir, test, sweeten a bit more and serve over ice!


Refreshing and slimming in this heat!  My hubby who detests all things stevia… is coming around and likes my lemonade :D.  Another WIN for this beverage.

Happy summer!  There’s only a few weeks left!

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