Back To School Survival Kit

I remember in school, we learned about survival kits, and I loved it! Everything you might need in one #10 can packed just so everything fit. It just spoke to me! Do you remember that? Yesterday marked the first day back to school in our county and I have several other followers who began earlier this month. I have not ever sent a child to public school, but we do see a decrease in our wellness as soon as school is back in session.

I asked what people’s least favorite part of back to school was, and the very first comment spoke straight to my heart! GERMS! The comment was from a mom who dreads the germs. Let me tell you, I’m the same way and mine are at home. So, let’s build a survival kit for Back to School that keeps you well!

  1. Support the immune system with adequate rest! Sleep is so crucial for your body to regenerate itself. Your child needs more than you, so be sure to check the recommended amount for your child’s age then set your schedule to accommodate that. YOU also need to get good rest. This isn’t something you can squeeze in a #10 can, but, you can rearrange life to be sure it happens!
  2. Everyone knows that health starts in our gut.  Give your child’s gut the pre AND probiotics it needs with MightyPro. This is specially formulated for children who are 12 and under. It comes in a fun pixie stick and tastes great! I give this 30 minutes before a meal or at bedtime so it can cultivate as much good bacteria as possible on an empty stomach.  It is time that we start caring for our children’s guts and not just our own!If your child is over age 12, Life 9 Probiotic is phenomenal!  It supports healthy immune function, boosts mental clarity, and aids in a good night’s sleep!Image result for Mighty Pro young                              Image result for life 9
  3. A Diffuser! Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine school without this. ESPECIALLY if you’re a teacher. A diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to put essential oils into the air. Those oils can clean and purify the air rendering your classroom more immune system friendly than others. You can also pick and choose your oils to support mental clarity and focus as well as memory retention. Every classroom needs a diffuser!And, for you parents, a diffuser is a MUST.  It is the perfect study buddy! Using oils that promote focus means that homework gets done faster allowing you to capitalize on the precious few hours you get to spend with your child. And, after family time is done, load it up with immune boosting oils so that your child’s body can rejuvenate while it sleeps and help them stay well!This one is my favorite!  It has 10 different color light options including a candle flicker.  So you can still have the ambiance of a candle without the chemicals.  For more on that, read my article on Chemical Containing Candles.  It will also run for 10 hours so it is the perfect diffuser for a bedroom!

    Image result for Desert mist diffuser
    Desert Mist Diffuser
  4. Immune boosting oil! What’s a diffuser without the right essential oil? The number one immune system oil is Young Living’s signature Thieves* blend. It combines Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Lemon. Cinnamon and Clove boast high ORAC levels which just means they love on your immune system like a fat kid loves cake.We dilute this in a roller bottle and slather everyone’s feet everyday after school is back in session. That way we are good in the immune system department when we go to the library or the grocery store! I also listen to my mama instinct to know whether my children need to benefit from it in the diffuser at night as well as on their bodies during the day. You just can’t go back to school without this high quality Thieves*!
  5. Mental Clarity, Focus, and Memory Retention… Don’t worry. I won’t tease you with that and not tell you what to use! Rosemary, Lemon*, Peppermint*, Vetiver, and of course, Clarity. Each of these oils, or blends, when diffused by a child who is studying or testing, will improve their focus and retention. I even like to use them for myself while researching or when I’m up against a deadline. They keep me focused and I remember what I was learning.As a homeschool family, we do a lot of things that are classed ‘school’. But for the few where we sit down at the table and knock out some worksheets, we use KidScents, GeneYus! This blend is specially formulated for your child’s brain. To help it stretch, learn, retain, and grow. Don’t have a study session without it!
    Image result for geneyus yl
  6. Nervous system. There are some not so fun things that go with school. Other children that aren’t kind. Children leaving dad or mom… dad or mom leaving children. All in all, our nervous systems and our emotions may need a boost in this season. That’s why there are 3 very specific oils for you!Stress Away*. This. Is. Awesome. It smells like grandma’s kitchen and relaxes you and your child so that you can both do what you need to do. The amazing benefits it has on your blood vessels and circulation are worth every penny and drop. And, it is only pennies per drop!Valor… Valor was originally modeled after a blend used on Roman soldiers before they were sent into battle. Which means that it can totally propel us through the battles we have to face on a daily basis at school as well as home and work. It has an incredible effect on our nervous system giving us the surge we need to do hard things. I use this A LOT. Wish I’d had it for Speech and Debate…  For easy application, I recommend the Valor Roll On.
    Image result for valor roll on

    Vetiver. Vetiver is a thick, sticky oil. It is used often when the brain is overactive. If you are trying to sleep but can’t quit the thinking train, this is one to have around. I bring it up for school because it is great for the child who won’t stop moving or can’t focus on a single task. It is a great alternative to some of the non plant based options.  We lovingly call it our ‘Hammy Oil’.

Survival Kits… Most of this will fit in a #10 can. In fact, I think it all could!  Even the diffuser depending on the one you get.  You’ll notice there are *asterisks* next to some of the oils/blends that I mentioned.  That’s because you don’t need to purchase those individually, instead, you can purchase them all together WITH a diffuser.

The perfect Back To School Survival Kit.  It covers a myriad of needs plus digestive system support, an oil to put on your chest in the winter months, sleep support like you’ve never experienced before, a sporty kid’s best friend for muscles, CBD benefits without hemp, skin/hormone/emotion support, and a wholesale membership so that you get the best possible price on MightyPro and Life 9.  You really cannot get a better deal on a Back To School Survival Kit!

The best part is, you get the support of myself and my team!  All the Oily Education you need to get you on the fast track to the PERFECT school year.  Can’t wait to see you on the Drops of Life Team.

Image result for young living premium starter kit
Look at those Colors!  Like a Crayon Box for adults!
*Oils included in the ultimate Back To School Survival Kit

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