Overnight Instant Pot Oatmeal

Something I’ve come to love through the years of cooking for a man who works shifts in the winter and sometimes crazy mornings in the summer is my crock pot! It has been my best friend on those odd hour mornings with overnight oatmeal so I don’t have to get up to be sure he leaves the house with his belly full. And… Since my boys are early risers, sometimes it’s nice for mom to go on autopilot when the first thing out of their mouth is “I’m hungry!”

So… Last fall when my husband offered to buy me an Instant Pot, I didn’t need one. Hadn’t ever desired one. Had watched friends get theirs and rave about them, but it just wasn’t something I needed. We decided to go ahead and get one because we found a deal of a lifetime.

It arrived… And it sat. In a box. In my house. Untouched. Unopened. Honestly, I was img_20171126_164239afraid. Probably the first kitchen appliance I’ve ever been afraid of. It was a whole world of unknowns. And I hadn’t done months of research trying to convince my husband either. He had just offered it. So I wasn’t prepared. Finally I read through some groups and I opened it. Did the water test. Made eggs… AAAAND was stuck. I had a stove, an oven, a crock pot, a toaster oven, a solar oven… Why did I need this extra gadget that seriously had a huge footprint on my tiny counter? I actually looked into sending it back. I had 60 days. So I decided to challenge myself. Cook something in it everyday till 55 of those days were gone so that I could make an informed decision to send it back.

That’s what I did! And while I didn’t fall in love, in the end, it was nice having a crock pot with a delayed start. My old garage sale crock pots didn’t have that feature. My wonderful husband ended up being the voice of reason with that statement. So we kept it. And had some really lovely soups last winter.

I had yet to make my crock pot oatmeal in it though. I made oatmeal in it once. It took too long and my husband had to leave for work before it was done.  And, I think it burned… Learning curve! And after that I was, again, afraid.

Last week I needed to have fast breakfast. We had just been gifted some lovely peaches (the only fresh produce in the house as I’ve challenged us to a pantry/freezer month. More on that later) and it struck me that we had enough peaches for overnight oatmeal.

I looked at my IP, looked at the back corner where my baby crockpot is hiding and decided to try it again. But this time, legit overnight. I’d use the timer not start it in the morning.

“But… I can’t leave all of that at room temperature for 8 hours overnight waiting to start,” I thought to myself🤔. “K… I guess I’ll use the crock pot mode on delayed start…?”

That’s what we did! And it was so good, we did it again a few days later.

Here’s how.

I learned that I don’t like cleaning oatmeal out of my crockpot. And while the inner pot of the IP is easier to clean, I didn’t want it going to burn mode at 2am and my not knowing it till 6am when we had no food.

So, I used my trivet and a stainless steel bowl that fits just perfectly.

I made enough for 4 of us… Which is probably more like 6. The boys had 3+ bowls each. They’re 4 and 5. What am I going to do when they’re teenagers 😲?!

I put 4 cups of rolled oats in the stainless steel bowl,
3 scoops of collagen (amazing added protein, minerals, so much good in collagen),
2 tsp mineral salt (use that link for 5lbs Himalayan Pink for $12!),
and 30 packets of truvia (<for THM friendly version).

Stir this around while dry to incorporate the collagen well. This keeps it from clumping.

Cut 4 peaches into bite sized pieces and add to the bowl. img_20180827_211731Cover with 4 cups unsweetened almond milk. Ours was vanilla flavored already so I didn’t put vanilla in. If you’re almond milk is plain, add 2tsp of vanilla. And finally 2 2/3 cups of water. Stir around till everything is well incorporated.img_20180827_212252

Add 2 cups of water to the outer pot as well. Place your trivet in, then carefully set your bowl of yumminess on the trivet.img_20180827_213455

Set your delayed start for 6 hours before you want to eat. Someone is awake by 6 at our house so I like it ready by then. If that’s too early, it’s ok because the ‘Keep Warm’ setting takes over and it’s yummy ooey gooey oatmeal when you’re ready.

Consequently, I set the delayed start for midnight and slow cook for 6 hours. This is awesome! Before, I had a timer I plugged a crock pot into and I wasn’t ever sure if I would have it set right. Depending on when you assemble your oatmeal, this allows the oats to soak before they begin to cook which is important because it helps break them down to a more digestble form. And, it gets going in enough time that I’m not concerned about it sitting out at room temperature too long.





4 cups oats
4 cups almond milk
2 2/3 cups water
2tsp vanilla unless it’s vanilla almond milk
4 peaches cut
2tsp mineral salt
30 truvia packets
3 scoops collagen

+2 cups water

  1. Combine dry ingredients in steel bowl or other form of inner pot for the Instant Pot. Mix well.
  2. Add cut peaches and liquid ingredients. Mix well.
  3. Add 2 cups water to outter pot.
  4. Place trivet in.  Carefully lower inner pot/bowl into outter pot.
  5. Put lid in place and move the valve to pressure.  This creates a seal so your oatmeal stays moist.  Not because you’re pressure cooking.
  6. Use ‘Slow Cooker’ option for 6 hours plus delayed start if needed.
  7. Go to bed. Rest well. Wake up and enjoy!
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