How I Avoided Postpartum Depression A 5th Time

There was a day that I was angry. I used a pair of jeans to pull across my shoulders as an outlet for the anger and frustration. After I’d fatigued my muscles doing that, the legs of those jeans found their way around my neck…

I was choking myself.

And the voice in my head said it was ok. Everyone would be relieved if I were gone. I wouldn’t be a burden anymore. My children’s emotional health would be better because they wouldn’t have a sick Mommy anymore… … More How I Avoided Postpartum Depression A 5th Time

Crisp, Delicious Apple Cider

Fall… is my favorite, in case you missed that ;). Crisp cool air, crunching leaves, hot drinks, sweaters, boots, harvest, and Apple Cider! We picked apples last week at a neighbors orchard. It was a great couple of hours of family time that will lead to more of that in a few weeks when we … More Crisp, Delicious Apple Cider

Immune Systems and Travel: How to Prepare

We are getting ready to leave on a 2-3 week vacation!  We’re all excited about it… and what that looks like for mama a week out is washing sheets for the motorhome, shampooing our carpets (don’t ask 😉 ), figuring out snacks, where the baby will sleep, cleaning the house, and the list goes on.  … More Immune Systems and Travel: How to Prepare

Avocado Blender Brownies

I’m not in the avocado fan club… 🥑I don’t crave them. 🥑I don’t like the texture. 🥑It’s not the part of a salad I look forward to… But, they’re good for me, right? So I eat them… Here and there. I do enjoy cooking with avocado oil but that’s beside the point. My children don’t … More Avocado Blender Brownies

Grandma’s Granola

It’s been almost 6 years since I first heard the term ‘Crunchy Mom’.  It was in a question in a mom group. “Are you a crunchy or silky mom?” I had no clue what either one was.  I was just a mom trying to make it through sleepless nights with one child (little did I … More Grandma’s Granola