Preserve Perfect Zucchini

“Don’t leave your car unlocked, someone will put zucchini in it!”

Ever heard that before?  Well, this year, I would gladly accept!  Due to the drought, we did not plant much.  But a beautiful friend blessed me with several zucchini last week, and they are getting preserved.  I like to eat them fresh chopped then fried in butter but the rest of my family aren’t really fans of zucchini.  So I sneak it in in other ways.

When I have an abundance, I break out the Ninja and get to work!  And, that’s what I did today.

The first way I like put up my zucchini is shredded and frozen.  I freeze it in 1.5 cup (or 3 cup) amounts in quart freezer bags.  WHY?  Because 1.5 cups is the amount called for in Trimtastic Chocolate Zucchini Cake (S, page 296) in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook (second cook book released).
img_20180904_152247This is so SIMPLE!  Use your favorite food processor with a shredding blade.  I prefer my Ninja!  (PS I went through 3 units to get the one I wanted.  Don’t just go buy any Ninja.  Ask me which one!)  Shred your zucchini, measure the proper amount into your freezer bag, and freeze FLAT.  This makes stacking in the freezer later easy.

NEXT!  I dehydrate slices to later use in soups!  Look for those soup recipes this winter.  My Ninja has a great slicer blade.  So, I put my zucchini through that slicer and in NO TIME, I have a whole bunch of slices for my little helpers to spread out all over my dehydrator trays.  I use a NESCO Dehydrator.  I LOVE IT because it has unlimited trays!  I can dry 2 trays of food, or 15 and it doesn’t balk.  For extra trays, click here.

Dry according to package directions.  135* for vegetables.  Dry until crispy like chips.  For real chip flavor, soak or spray with salt water before dehydrating.  This is THE BEST Fuel Pull snack to take care of your chip addiction without the extra pounds and toxins.

See the whole process listed above in just 8 minutes!

Now, the BONUS!  I do not have a fancy zoodle maker.  I’ve looked at them.  I considered the Ninja with the spiralizer, but that’s all it did.  I wanted one with bullet cups, blender, food processor and mixer bowl.  So, I skipped the spiralizer.  In the past, I have used a potato peeler to create zoodles and it works well.  But, the other night, I was struck with pure GENIUS!

I could… Use my apple peeler/corer to make zoodles!  YES!  I couldn’t wait to try it, and IT WORKED!  Apple corer down
You fold the corer down so that you aren’t cutting the center or you zucchini out.  And go to town makeing strips!  It would be easiest if you had a 4 inch piece of zucchini to do this with.  Mine was about 6 inches.

Watch the video to see the Apple Peeler make ZOODLES!

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  1. Love the idea of using the apple peeler for making the spirals! Won’t have to go buy a new gadget for my kitchen now! Smart thinking, Sarah!

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