Immune Systems and Travel: How to Prepare

We are getting ready to leave on a 2-3 week vacation!  We’re all excited about it… and what that looks like for mama a week out is washing sheets for the motorhome, shampooing our carpets (don’t ask 😉 ), figuring out snacks, where the baby will sleep, cleaning the house, and the list goes on.  At the top, is keeping and preparing our immune systems to be in ship shape before we leave and keeping them that way while we’re gone.  Everyone has been on a trip where they got sick… and no one wants to get sick while on vacation.

Most common ails have a 7-10 day incubation period, so… we actually avoid a lot of public places for 10 days prior to leaving on vacation.  If you get sick the day you leave, the WHOLE trip is ruined.  No, you cant avoid them all.  But the ones where you’re sure lots of germs are, like story time and the movie theater, are places we avoid.

Next, we give our bodies things that will help our immune systems move things out that are lurking and keep them working at their highest level.  The first one is Super C Chewable Tablets.  My whole family (except the baby) uses Super C daily for 7 days prior to leaving and throughout the duration of the trip.  The high concentration of vitamin C from plant sources in this is just what your immune system needs to go from okay to AMAZING!  More about Super C coming before 2019.Image result for super c chewable young livingNext, Inner Defense!  It has earned its name sake… over and over and over.  This is a powerful blend of high ORAC therapeutic grade essential oils that kicks your immune system into overdrive.  This is recommended only for adults or children over 12.  It can occasionally cause an upset stomach, but taking it with food reduces if not eliminates that problem.  This has been a favorite with my husband for… years!  He uses oils, but this fast supplement is his ticket to wellness through the winter!Image result for Inner DefenseFor the Children specifically, I make sure they are getting MightyPro.  Even the baby!  This is a yummy pixiestick of pre and probiotics that bind to your child’s gut and promotes calm children (needed on trips!), improved brain function (ever have days where your kids just ‘don’t hear you’?), and, of course an immune system that is working incredibly well so that your vacation is enjoyable!
Image result for Mightypro young livingTo really fortify my children’s immune systems, they take Super C Chewable Tablets, KidScents MightZyme (an enzyme designed for children to help them digest all the not normal food we eat while traveling so their systems aren’t bogged down), MightyVites (a Children’s multivitamin that covers all the bases), and MightyPro.  All together, these keep their cognition working well which means less frustration for me (and them), their immune systems working well which means a happy trip, their digestion working well so that we don’t have lasting effects of a bogged down gut, and keeps their bodies going strong… and fast, as healthy children should.
Image result for Mightyzyme                                           Image result for Mightyvites

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Thieves… Just plain old Thieves.  We dilute this with 40% carrier oil (V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex) and 60% Thieves essential oil, put it in a roller bottle, and roll every spine and set of feet that are over 2 years old at least once a day before leaving.  After we’re on the road, this happens 3-4 times a day.
Image result for Thieves eo
Last summer we took a 10 day road trip.  We went to museums, playgrounds, a theater, lots of public restrooms (cringe) and I did what is listed above for everyone, and we stayed well through the trip.  I honestly was waiting for the ball to drop the first 2 weeks we were home.  I was waiting for the first stuffed nose or cough… but it never came!  So thankful for these stellar clean products that WORK!  I’ve never not had them while raising kids, and I cannot imagine what I would do without them.

I’m a frugal mama and I want you to benefit from these amazing products in the most cost effective way there is… and that is how I began.  With a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living.  This gives you 24% off all the products listed above as well as everything else on the website… FOR LIFE!

Better yet, you get to choose a diffuser and receive a kit with 11 oils that are the building blocks to health!  Those 11 oils will allow you to remove chemical cleaners from your home, focus, increase wellness, support your digestive system, rejuvenate your skin and so much more!  And, at the time of posting this, the kit is on sale for 10% off (through September 14th)!

This happens once ever 2 years or so, so you want to take advantage of this NOW!  This link will take you to the page that allows you to become a wholesale member with the benefit of the Drops Of Life Team, and me!  There is just something about the community that can’t be put into words.
Starter kit

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