2018 Vacation Recap

We’re home!  We arrived Sunday evening.  Cody, my husband, was off work yesterday for Columbus Day and it was the perfect break.  A lot of rest, sleep, and some unpacking.  I have plenty yet to do!

We packed 5 of us in our old 20 foot 1978 Motorhome, newly named ‘Mo’, and went on an adventure!  We were away from home for 17 days.  We saw 7 states in that time and covered over 3000 miles!  Our last stop before arriving home was in Carbondale, CO where we had pizza and let the boys play for a while.  I ordered the pizza ahead of time and then walked the couple of blocks from the play ground to the restaurant to pick it up.  On the way, I couldn’t help but praise my Father for the perfection of Colorado.

How we were welcomed home to our mountains!

It was spitting a little rain while I walked in just my t shirt and button up over shirt.  The leaves were vibrant yellow… and it was probably in the high 40’s.  Crisp air…  Not humid air that I felt like I was choking on.  Bugs that are not the size of my whole hand… no exaggeration there.  Someone found a tarantula at the feast.  Beautiful fall colors and a solid 4 seasons…  Just so blessed by this state!  Often I think about moving and apparently all I need to do to fix that is go visit the midwest once a year ;).  I do want to see several places, but the Father certainly knew what He was doing when He decided Colorado would be home.

To begin our trip, we traveled to my dad’s in New Mexico where we spent a day with him.  Grant got to run the front end loader with him which was right up his alley!  He also had a little 6 week old puppy that Clark fell in love with.  And, since Granddad drives a tractor trailer, that was a big draw as well!

We went from there to the Oklahoma City area for just a night then on to Wewoka Woods, OK.  This was the primary reason for our trip.  We went there to celebrate the Feast of Sukkot with other believers of like faith.  8 days of campfires, fellowship, cafeteria food (That was really really yummy!  And, I didn’t have to cook 😉 ), worship, learning, and broadening our circle of friends.  It was truly a lovely time, and I highly recommend it!
After there, we went to Branson, MO to play!  Last year when we went we visited Sight & Sound Theater and saw Moses.  IT was PHENOMENAL!  I SAW the Red Sea part from the 4th row, complete with wind and sea mist…. yes.  Exceptional!  So we were excited to return and see Samson this trip.  Again, excellent performance!  And watching the excitement of my children as the stage came to life was icing on the cake.

We did make time this trip for Silver Dollar City and I’m so happy we did.  It is an amusement park, but it is so much MORE!  I knew that as a rule, the park has working tradesmen like a blacksmith and pottery.  What I didn’t know until we were there was that in September and October, they feature individuals all through the park with their trade or craft.  You can find everything from a wooden toy stand and paintings to moccasins and soap.  It was just a perfect time to go!  There were age appropriate rides for all the ages, and if you don’t like to go on rides, watching the tradesmen work is fascinating.

We stopped to visit my little brother, sister-in-law and my nieces on our way home.  And, coming home, we learned a not so fun fact… Denver has relatively no camping.  I had looked a year ago and didn’t see anything satisfactory for the motorhome but we faced that head on this trip.  Coming into Denver, the engine started running poorly and we needed to stop for the night so that Cody could fix it the next day (really simple, just new spark plugs).  We don’t have a working furnace in it at this time, so we’ve had a little electric heater with us and have been able to access power the whole trip, until Denver.

The RV parks there are either not child friendly, meaning it says blatantly that no one under 15 is allowed to stay there, or you are staying in a State Park like Chatfield or Cherry Creek.  Not a bad thing except you can’t see availability online or via phone unless it is for 3+days out.  Nothing spontaneous friendly.  There is a KOA at Blackhawk, but that’s not Denver.  And there’s an RV campground in Idaho Springs again not Denver and they both were full when we needed it.  So, if you’re looking for a new business venture that will have positive cash flow, open an RV friendly campground in the Denver area… Along I-70 would be even better!

On the whole, our trip was incredible and one that both our boys are not likely to forget!  From horses at Granddad’s to the Strongest Man to riding in a canoe with daddy, they had a wonderful time.  Oh, and the snapping turtle!  None of us had seen one before.  So that was a treat too.

A luxury upon coming home was the space!  So much room in our small house.  I actually had the thought that we should sell everything we lived the last 3 weeks without… then I used the dehydrator and apple peeler/corer/slicer and realized there are a few things that I use periodically but do rely on year round ;).  That said, it’s Fall… when I usually start to declutter, so I think I’ll capitalize on that!

The other thing was laundry!  If not for the cost, I’m all about a laundry mat!  Everything done in like 2 hours and you can go do something else?  Yes, Please!

We aren’t going anywhere again for a while… maybe this time next year.  It is good to be home.  And from that trip came at least 3 new novel ideas that I have percolating.  So now to sit down and get them written!  I did miss you all.  We had so much fun that we missed last weeks post, but we’ll make up for it as we have a birth story in store for you as well as some Oral Care tips and recipes in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned by clicking the follow button!

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