Mullein Steam

I have a posting plan for the month of October… That said, so far none of our posts have gone according to plan.  And, today is no exception ;).  What can I say?  When there’s a need to fill, you do it!  It is supposed to freeze hard here on Sunday, so I wanted this out before then.  You’ll see why, I promise.

Mullein is a broad fuzzy leaf that grows where soil has been disturbed typically.  It likes a more arid climate.  And since we live in the high desert, it is something I’ve been around my whole life.  As a child, I was wild and used it as toilet paper!  It works well, but only use first year plants for this otherwise you’ll be really itchy…  Moving on, my cousin and I also made dolls with it, and later in life I learned just how awesome it is when one is congested.
And so simple to use too!  You can use it fresh or dried if you have congestion or a sore throat and it helps so much.  My husband hasn’t used name brand decongestants in…8 years, I think, and he’s one that swore by them.

So, take about 1/3 cup of dried leaves, and place in a pot with 2 inches of water and bring to a boil.img_20181011_074155  Once it is rolling well, you can turn it down and then use a towel to make a tent over your head so you can trap and breathe in the steam.  Take several gulping deep breaths, then quickly find cold air to breath.  Freezing air is best.  So that may look like sticking your head outside in the winter or what we usually do is poke our heads in the freezer and take several more deep breaths.  Repeat the steam/cold routine 3 times in a row at minimum.

This will have you breathing SO much better for several hours.  Trust me!  I’ve learned so much about natural health that it’s difficult to remember exactly where some information came from originally, but this, came from Bulk Herb Store years ago.

I have a Wildcrafting Wednesday post from a few years ago about Mullein and how to gather and store it.  This is why this weekend’s freeze is important.  If you’re local to me, you want to get out in the next 3 days and gather some mullein so you’re prepared this winter!  Illness is almost inevitable.  Be prepared with the Creator’s remedies.  Click here to see how simple it is to have this plant on your shelf for just in case!

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