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I haven’t had a prescription in 9 years!  Personally, I think this is awesome.  Yes, I have been sick, but not bad enough to need a prescription.  The last one I had was for a sinus infection.  I had had them off and on for a handful of years prior and always, it ended in an RX.  But, when I started learning about natural health and how to be PRO-active about your health instead of RE-active, that changed!  Here’s how.

My aunt is who originally introduced me to a neti pot.  It was a mess!  But, it helped.  Don’t wait two years to buy one like I did.  They’re so cheap!  Seriously, your local Walmart has them, or if stores aren’t your thing, you can get one here for less than $10.  It’s even ceramic.  Mine is plastic.

Now, originally I thought I had to buy the little saline packet things that came with the pot when I bought it.  And I was trying to figure out how I could add essential oils to my neti pot to up the immune support I was already giving my body but straight oil into a neti pot would cause serious damage!  For real!  DO NOT put oil directly into your neti pot or your nose.  And then my rational brain took over and said, “Sarah, it’s just salt…  Add minimal drops of oil to a large batch of salt and viola!”  So, that’s what I did.

And you know what?  It works amazing!  My nasal passages are so clear after using this recipe!  It’s ideal for winter months when you want to dislodge unwelcome guests from your nose, as well as spring if seasonal pollen tends to bother you.  Get some oils, a glass container, and mineral salt (I prefer Himalayan Pink and get it here.  5lbs for less than $12!  Can you say STEAL?) and try this!


4 Tbs Mineral Salt  
5 Drops Rosemary Essential Oil
3 Drops Thyme Essential Oil
3 Drops Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree)
1 Drop Cypress


Mix all together in a glass container.  Half Pint canning jars with Tattler reusable lids work really well!

Then store it in your bathroom cabinet.

Use 1 tsp in your neti pot full of DISTILLED water anytime you need to be sure your sinuses remain clear!

Be PRO-active with me this season.  It really feels so much better to stay well than to make up for not taking preventative measures later.

I want to hear from YOU!  Have you made this?  Have you used it?  What are your results?

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