Grave Shift Survival Kit

‘Winter’ is here. That means that my amazing husband is out at random hours (usually at night) plowing snow or at least making sure there is none to plow. This also means that I don’t sleep well. Not from worry. I just stay up later than I should because going to an empty bed is weird and I lay there awake instead. Anyone else have difficulty sleeping without your husband in bed next to you?
AAAAaaannnndd When I do go to bed, my brain wont shut down. So, here’s what I do!
Immupro is an incredible supplement that has melatonin in it AND gives my immune system a leg up which is always welcome!

Vetiver… ahh Vetiver. This quiets my mind. I can be laying in bed taking notes of all these amazing things to write and do and people to call etc and basically not sleeping. I put vetiver on one wrist and it quiets my mind.  It makes it stop yapping. And everytime I drag my butt out of bed to get it I think, “This is such a waste of time.  It isn’t going to help.”  And within 5 minutes, I’m out.  Every.  Time.

Cedarwood.  This is another oil that is known for promoting healthy sleep.  It is also a key to working through trauma… often via dreams.  So, if you experience a bad dream while using it, know that you are actually healing yourself and use it again!  I put this on the other wrist when I get up to get my vetiver.

SleepEssence is what my husband uses when he comes home from grave shift and needs to sleep with 3 kids running around on the other side of his bedroom door.  It is a supplement that blends together Lavender, Vetiver, Valerian, and Ruta graveolens with melatonin to create a natural way to get great sleep!  Kiss those OTC sleep aid’s bu-bye!

NingXia NITRO.  You’re probably wondering why something containing the word ‘nitro’ is in my list of healthy sleep promoters.  Because with 3 children running and screaming and mama ‘yelling’ “Be quiet, Daddy is night night.” one doesn’t always get a good ‘day’s rest’.  So, this is the boost that my husband packs in his lunch each night for the lull that often comes and he needs a little help staying awake.

Y’all, this is the man that used to drink a 12 pack of Mountain Dew in a plow shift… SO much has changed.  He no longer relies on sugar jolts and high caffeine doses to keep him awake and safe during long, dark, snow-blinding nights.  He uses what plants provide us in a little tube that works wonders!  He says it is just what he needs.

Whether it is shutting your brain OFF or remaining alert, shift work can be difficult, on all parties involved.  These tools are so pure and so perfect for the job that they accomplish, you cannot beat them.

A wholesale membership, like Sam’s or Costco, is THE way to get them.  A membership (no gimmicks, no fees/upkeep) plus these 5 tools can be in your home for less than $180 right now.  Click here and follow the prompts.

Choose ‘Basic Kit’.
Then in Step 2, ‘Customize your kit’.  It will then give you access to the online catalog where you can add the items above.

There is no reason to spend countless dollars on junk like energy drinks or sleep aids while you or a loved one are doing shift work.  The oils will last you for MONTHS.  This Kit actually saves you money and improves your health without a list of negative side effects.

The best part about getting this Tool Kit, is you get an incredible online community of support in the Drops Of Life Team!  They are the best and I’m so thankful for each and every member of it!

Grave shift Tool KitThis post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for supporting our family by using them!

We look forward to hearing your results with this kit.  Be sure to Follow That Crunch to not miss the Holiday recipes coming your way over the next few weeks :D!

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