Quality vs Quantity…

Quality over Quantity… Which do you think is more important?

This has been rattling around in my brain for a while. It applies to so many things. Parenting for example. Children want you… just you! They don’t need you to spend obscene amounts of money on them. They just want your time. Going for a walk with a child and seeing life through their eyes does not cost anything. And, it is a memory they will treasure. Are they going to remember that you bought them the latest greatest movie or video game in 20 years? No. They will remember the time you took to listen to them on a walk.

Another area that I see it all. the. time. is in what people choose to spend their money on. There are some areas you can cut corners. If you’ve seen any of my Dave Ramsey posts, you know I am frugal and we don’t waste money. There are some areas where if you spend more up front, you benefit yourself and your pocketbook more later.

Essential Oils are one of these areas. So often I hear people say they can get a bigger bottle for cheaper at the health food store. Stop and think about that a moment… There’s something not quite right about that. Let’s look at some common sense here.

  • A quality essential oil has been lovingly placed in pure soil that hasn’t had chemicals dumped onto it.
  • It has been raised in an environment where no pesticide or herbicide is used.
  • It has been tested hourly so that it is harvested at its absolute PEAK instead of when it is convenient for the farmer.
  • It is distilled at the proper temperature, pressure, and amount of TIME for that specific plant. Even if that means a batch takes 24+ hours. Time is money and often, that means this step gets skipped in favor or a higher temperature/pressure… which doesn’t yield the same amount of beneficial properties that the right temperature would have.
  • It is distilled without solvents. Solvents added to the plant product can also speed up the distillation process… and decrease the quality and thus the benefits that you receive in your oil.
  • It is then tested… by the company and a third party company to keep integrity intact.

This is what a QUALITY essential oil should go through. And when it does, you must pay for that quality! You must pay for the testers that were in the field every hour checking to see if the plant was at its peak. You must pay for the extra time that it took to distill it properly instead of rapidly. You must pay for the lack of toxic chemical in your plant.

Anymore, essential oils are easy to come by. They are in your health food store. They are even in your local Walmart. But, they are being made and marketed in quantity… not quality.

I know, I know, I know… The label says 100% pure, right? You know what? The FDA only requires that an oil be 5% essential oil to label it 100% pure. You’re in shock, right? So was I! How do they get away with that? This is only the tip of the ice burg when it comes to you being lied to, trust me! The more you know, the more willing you will be to ensure YOUR quality over someone else’s bank statement.

I’ve been right where you are. Thinking eh, it doesn’t really matter that much. I understand how you feel. And, I felt the SAME way. Here’s what I found…

I used to use health food store oils! True story. And then I got a hold of a quality one mostly out of spite. My plan was to try them side by side and see. It took 2 drops of the quality oil to get the same aroma effect as the 12-15 drops of the cheap one. Now, what the chemistry of what it did within my body was, I’ll never know. What I found rapidly though was that my tiny bottle of ‘expensive oil’ was actually cheaper than my big bottle of ‘cheap oil’ because it lasted SO much longer. SOO much longer.

Being the frugal mama that I am, I quit buying the healthfood store version that lied to me about quality and started buying the QUALITY one. The one that I could trace to a farm. The one that I could see in the making. The one that saved me money because it took less and had a greater benefit to my system.

There are some corners worth cutting. And, there are some where you get what you pay for and end up burned… sometimes literally. I choose to pay more for quality instead of less for quantity.

What will you choose? I challenge you to choose QUALITY in this case. Follow this link and pick just one oil! There are some for as little as $7 (YES!). Get one and try it next to a ‘cheap’ version of it and see the difference. What can it hurt? There’s a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied. You have nothing to lose!

Maybe this is really ringing home with you. Maybe this makes SOO much sense and, like me, you have the cheapies in your home right now and you want to not have the ‘FDA approved unknown 95%’ touching your body and your babies bodies anymore. Then, it is time for a Premium Starter Kit. 11 oils, an amazing diffuser that so far has lasted me 3+ years, a wholesale membership, and an online community of HELP. No strings… just quality oils, which in turn, saves you money!

Can’t wait to see you on the Drops Of Life team!

For more information about our specific Seed to Seal process, watch the video below.


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