a peek into our week…

a peek into our week
I love when bloggers I follow share about their day to day.  It somehow makes me feel more ‘normal’ and the comparisons can melt away.

We’ve been home from vacation for a little over two weeks.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t do #allthethings to keep us well each day multiple times a day like I should have.  So, we came home with colds…  Just about the time that the cold had finally ran its course through all of us, we encountered a virus.

This virus spikes a high fever, follows with a killer headache, congests the sinuses and and and.  There are also residual coughs hanging around from that original cold.  So, the last week in our home looked like mama cancelling appointments to be MAMA.

I might be a little odd, but when asked when I was small what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had a long list.  But always always always, I wanted to be a mama.  What I thought that was was taking care of sick children…  Odd.  Maybe I was sick a lot, though I don’t remember that.  When I have a little one not feeling 100% I feel like I can better meet them where they’re at.  And I’m all for doing something for them and their immune system every 15 minutes if that is what they need.  It doesn’t phase me, and I enjoy it.

I’m also really good at ‘walking backwards’ through symptoms.  Let me explain.  If the body has a fever, it has a virus that it is essentially ‘burning up’.  Allowing the body to burn is important for killing that virus.  Usually this is followed by some sort of detox wherein the dead virus is expelled.  It could be a rash, diarrhea, or some other form of elimination.  Most often, sweat.  When I ‘walk backwards’ from what I want the end result to be, I can more easily come to terms with the 102* fever that I might be dealing with and try to HELP it rather than see it as the enemy and get rid of it.

This is how I approach all illness anymore.  I help the body take care of whatever it is it has to take care of.

So, the last couple of weeks…  Thieves we ran in the diffuser to clean the air in our home.  This is SO effective and so much better for your overall well being than the toxic counter parts (ugh they’re so not even in the running with THIEVES!).

When the cough settled in and was keeping children awake at night, I just filled their diffuser with RC or Raven, dabbed it on their back and chest along with a little Breath Again and they didn’t cough the rest of the night!  I figured I’d need to get up and do it again around 2am or 3am but they slept calmly and soundly all night after the Raven application.

I added Lemon oil to their water.  This decreases phlegm and is incredible for boosting the immune system.

The value of just the few drops of each of these oils that I used to help our bodies through this doesn’t have a number.  Knowing that I am helping my children with PLANTS and that it isn’t dampening their immune system or interfering with their body’s natural responses is priceless.

There are diffusers out there, but they don’t last 5+ years like the ones I’m still running in my house.  You get what you pay for… in all things.  And Young Living diffusers are no exception!

Thieves, Lemon, and Raven all come in the Premium Starter Kit pictured below along with the beautiful Desert Mist diffuser which even has a candle flicker setting!  Add Frankincense (included in the Premium Starter Kit) to that, and you are already at the price of the Premium Starter Kit in product.  BUT, that’s not all you get.  You get 8 MORE oils!  Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to use them.

Tantrum throwers?  I got you.

Poor sleepers?  No worries.

Snoring husbands… Say goodbye!

Stress from trying to do all the things… no sweat!

Anxiety.  Something for it in the kit!
2019 PSKAll that and more in the Premium Starter Kit.  Best of all, you will get a 24% discount for life on any further purchases from Young Living when you use any of the links on this page.  You really can’t beat that when it comes to natural wellness.  Young Living is the only health food store I know (yes, we have food, supplements, cleaners, personal hygiene products and more) that rewards you in free product for loyalty and referring your friends.  It is the BEST deal you will find anywhere on quality oils.

If that’s not good enough, you get me!  My help, my team, my support, my hand to hold as you begin to navigate this new world.  And what a wonderful world it is!

Just use the link on this page to ensure you have my teams support.

If you enroll by November 22nd you’ll have exclusive access to an online class that is all about Winter Wellness!  This is your year to enjoy winter rather than dread the illnesses.

See how beautiful the Desert Mist diffuser is in this official Young Living video.


Coming soon!

The best Egg Drop Soup you’ve ever had and why the postpartum mama in your life needs it.

Also, how we don’t have EAR INFECTIONS.

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