Hi There!

I’m Sarah. Housewife extrordinaire… or not. 😉 To some I do it all, but to me I don’t do enough. This is a place to find encouragement from a real life mama right there in the trenches with you.

Crunchy mom blogs are a dime a dozen. But there’s enough twist here that I’ll keep you hoppin’! From Crunchy living like herbal remedies, clean Biblical eating to Furniture Free Living, and a bus conversion!  There is a spatter of information at your fingertips all in one place!

I became very passionate about doing things as God intended around the time I married my husband in 2009. We began with changing our diet to a Biblical one. Not because our salvation depended on it, but because if God created us, He probably (just maybe) knows what should or shouldn’t go into our bodies! From there it has spiraled into finances, medicine, home schooling, child rearing, and so much more!

I’m thrilled to have you along on this adventure!