Garlic Oil

I use this for EVERYTHING!  Fever, Garlic oil.  It will fight something.  Cold, garlic oil.  Bronchial cough, garlic oil.  Dry hacking cough, garlic oil.  Ear ache/infection, GARLIC OIL!!  … More Garlic Oil


Egg Drop Soup

This is a great soup for all ages and genders, but it’s specifically designed with a postpartum mama in mind because it is rich in protein.  It is high in B vitamins (Shiitake Mushrooms, HELLO).  And the ginger, red and black pepper are naturally warming which her body needs in this season.  Keeping a 4th trimester mama HOT is vital to her healing. … More Egg Drop Soup

Salt Bread

Several of you have asked for my salt bread recipe, so here it is at last!  Though, I cannot take credit for it.  I was reading one of my favorite historical fiction series a few years ago and kept reading about how ‘the salt dough rose well’.  Hmm… What’s salt dough? … More Salt Bread