Salt Bread

Several of you have asked for my salt bread recipe, so here it is at last!  Though, I cannot take credit for it.  I was reading one of my favorite historical fiction series a few years ago and kept reading about how ‘the salt dough rose well’.  Hmm… What’s salt dough? … More Salt Bread

Chocolate Cream Cheese Challah

I shared a photo of this on my personal Facebook wall, and y’all went nuts!  Several requested the recipe…  So, here you go! I’ve been making Challah in various forms for 2.5 years.  I don’t make it every week, some weeks I make a couple of kinds.  This one is intended as a breakfast Challah … More Chocolate Cream Cheese Challah

30 Minute Dinner Rolls

30 Minute Dinner Rolls…. Say what? Ok, if you can avoid kid interruptions, they really are 30 minute dinner rolls. It takes 30 to get them in the oven and 10 to cook. I got this recipe from my mother-in-law who got it online somewhere and I’ve altered it. If you are behind this genius … More 30 Minute Dinner Rolls