a peek into our week…

I always wanted to be a mama… but what I imagined probably isn’t what you imagined motherhood to be.

And, ‘walking backwards’… … More a peek into our week…

DIY Carpet Shampoo

I didn’t like the soap I was purchasing to put in it.  I didn’t like the price, the smell, and later the ingredients listed on the label.  So, what did I do?  You guessed it, I started making my own! … More DIY Carpet Shampoo

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Dangerous: Fact or Myth

BUBBLES!  Do you expect bubbles or suds in order to feel like something is clean?  So did I.  Then I began learning about chemicals and learned that we are actually trained to need that.  You know what makes those bubbles?  A toxic chemical called… Sodium Lauryl Sulfate… SLS. It is a surfactant added to everything … More Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Dangerous: Fact or Myth

Grave Shift Survival Kit

‘Winter’ is here. That means that my amazing husband is out at random hours (usually at night) plowing snow or at least making sure there is none to plow. This also means that I don’t sleep well. Not from worry. I just stay up later than I should because going to an empty bed is … More Grave Shift Survival Kit