Perfect Pie Crust

When I was ten or twelve, I somehow became the designated pie baker.  I think I enjoyed baking and mom was busy.  The day before Thanksgiving would find me baking lots and lots of pies.  And, I really enjoyed it! This crust recipe came from one of my mom’s ‘little old ladies’.  My mom is … More Perfect Pie Crust


Apple Turnovers

Close your eyes… imagine taking a bite of the best pastry you’ve ever had in your life.
Cinnamon and Sugar assault your taste buds.
Suddenly, your mouth bursts with apple cinnamon and everything melts into an amazing medly of deliciousness.  … More Apple Turnovers

Yummy Chocolate Cake

5 or 6 years ago, I discovered this amazing little cookbook at the local Safeway. The cover boasted, ‘No sugar. No white flour. No artificial anything’, and I had to have it! Healthy Choices has been my favorite cook book ever since and this cake recipe hails from there. So, here’s the Very Good Chocolate … More Yummy Chocolate Cake