Old Habits Die Hard

Confession time.  I have accountability issues… … More Old Habits Die Hard

Defeating Bad Days

Written in August: Since we lost Chip in May, I am an emotional hormonal roller coaster. Most days I am paralyzed by something invisible that does not allow me to do the simplest things. Laundry usually happens. But there are days I walk into the kitchen and I cannot function. The dishes are a daunting … More Defeating Bad Days

Risk Your Pride

I was humbled as only God can do last night. There is a person who I have held in high regard for many years. They are an internet sensation and I have learned so much from them. I hoped someday to meet this person and knew I wouldn’t know what to say if that day … More Risk Your Pride

A Labor of Love: Chip’s Story

In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance this month and the national day yesterday, I thought it fitting to share the loss of Chip Jordan with you all. I promise I will rarely be this long winded but our angles deserve every detail we can give them. We got pregnant with our 3rd 4-5 … More A Labor of Love: Chip’s Story