Furniture Free Bedroom

Furniture Free Bedroom! Ok, just the bed. We still have dressers. This chronicles our adventure of SLEEPING on the floor! We’re ‘TRY IT’ people. Because, you don’t know until you TRY! After about 3 weeks and the final decision to get rid of our couches, I wanted to try sleeping on the floor. Cody was … More Furniture Free Bedroom


Furniture Free Play

In Katy Bowman’s living room she has monkey bars! Again I think this is just amazing! She aslo had a ladder that laid on the floor and was used as a balance beam among other things that encouraged movement and motor skill development. The day after we moved the furniture out of the living room … More Furniture Free Play

Furniture Free Living

Last year I read an article about furniture free living. There was a photo of a very open living room with monkey bars (!) and a ladder laid in the middle. ( The idea was that it kept the family always moving and using their bodies instead of letting their muscles rely on a couch … More Furniture Free Living