Garlic Oil

I use this for EVERYTHING!  Fever, Garlic oil.  It will fight something.  Cold, garlic oil.  Bronchial cough, garlic oil.  Dry hacking cough, garlic oil.  Ear ache/infection, GARLIC OIL!!  … More Garlic Oil


Super Simple Turkey Stock

Don’t toss your turkey carcass next week!  Instead, save it and use this recipe to make wonderful, nourishing stock to cook with and use to support your immune system, growing bones in children, or aging bones.  Basically, this is going to benefit all ages AND your pocket book!  You already bought the bird, may as well use it ALL and not buy broth/stock for a few months … More Super Simple Turkey Stock

Sinus Rinse

I haven’t had a prescription in 9 years!  Personally, I think this is awesome.  Yes, I have been sick, but not bad enough to need a prescription.  The last one I had was for a sinus infection.  I had had them off and on for a handful of years prior and always, it ended in … More Sinus Rinse

Mullein Steam

I have a posting plan for the month of October… That said, so far none of our posts have gone according to plan.  And, today is no exception ;).  What can I say?  When there’s a need to fill, you do it!  It is supposed to freeze hard here on Sunday, so I wanted this … More Mullein Steam