Immune Systems and Travel: How to Prepare

We are getting ready to leave on a 2-3 week vacation!  We’re all excited about it… and what that looks like for mama a week out is washing sheets for the motorhome, shampooing our carpets (don’t ask 😉 ), figuring out snacks, where the baby will sleep, cleaning the house, and the list goes on.  … More Immune Systems and Travel: How to Prepare


Chokecherry Jelly

Remember last week when we picked chokecherries?  I ended Wildcrafting Wednesday’s post by saying we had a gallon of chokecherry juice in the refrigerator ready to become jelly!  And now, it is!  Here’s what we did. When I first started making jam and jelly 8ish years ago, I hated the sugar…  There is SO much […]

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Spicy Lemonade

I taught a class a month ago about Winter Remedies.  Spicy Lemonade was part of it and an item of interest.  So, here is the recipe, as promised! I originally got this recipe from Bulk Herb Store.  We have adjusted and changed it in various ways.  It is a wonderful boost to the immune system.  … More Spicy Lemonade