Back To School Survival Kit

I remember in school, we learned about survival kits, and I loved it! Everything you might need in one #10 can packed just so everything fit. It just spoke to me! Do you remember that? Yesterday marked the first day back to school in our county and I have several other followers who began earlier … More Back To School Survival Kit


Chicks Are Here

The first little crack in an egg was one week ago today.  They weren’t scheduled to arrive until a day later.  At 3am, the first one made its appearance.  Cody got Clark out of bed to show him the first chick!  He got to watch it finish coming out of the shell. He was excited.  … More Chicks Are Here

Chick Up-Date

We’re back and more excited than ever!  Our “CHICKS A-HATCHIN’ THIS WEEK”!  We have candled eggs a couple of times over the last 2 weeks but we did all of them on Sunday.  It appears we’re going to have about a 50% success rate.  Whether that’s from unfertilized eggs of some other factor, I’m not … More Chick Up-Date