Sinus Rinse

I haven’t had a prescription in 9 years!  Personally, I think this is awesome.  Yes, I have been sick, but not bad enough to need a prescription.  The last one I had was for a sinus infection.  I had had them off and on for a handful of years prior and always, it ended in … More Sinus Rinse

Immune Systems and Travel: How to Prepare

We are getting ready to leave on a 2-3 week vacation!  We’re all excited about it… and what that looks like for mama a week out is washing sheets for the motorhome, shampooing our carpets (don’t ask 😉 ), figuring out snacks, where the baby will sleep, cleaning the house, and the list goes on.  … More Immune Systems and Travel: How to Prepare


Peppermint is a loved oil in our home… just like all of them! It is cooling on contact and we’ve used it on the skin to bring comfort. It supports the liver, and respiratory system and is great at clearing the sinuses. It’s also very supportive to the digestive tract. It encourages proper digestion and … More Peppermint