Egg Drop Soup

This is a great soup for all ages and genders, but it’s specifically designed with a postpartum mama in mind because it is rich in protein.  It is high in B vitamins (Shiitake Mushrooms, HELLO).  And the ginger, red and black pepper are naturally warming which her body needs in this season.  Keeping a 4th trimester mama HOT is vital to her healing. … More Egg Drop Soup

After Birth Recovery Soup

Do you know a pregnant woman? Chances are you do. And, chances are that that woman will be left alone and forgotten in her postpartum period. Western culture is sorely lacking in the skill of mothering a mother. I hope that, with the help of thousands of you, we can begin to change that! … More After Birth Recovery Soup

Cold Weather Comfort Chili

Chili is the best cold weather and snowy weather food!  We had snow yesterday and last night I decided we’d have chili for supper tonight knowing it would clear off and be frigid this evening. I wanted to share my recipe with all of you, my favorite readers! Comfort Chili I soaked 2 cups of … More Cold Weather Comfort Chili