Elephant In The Room Of Motherhood

When we were expecting our first, I had these perfect images of how things would go.  Home birth… water birth… quick labor and birth because “I was in shape”…  breastfeeding, obviously…  a child that grew as he or she should… milestones met early… back to normal ‘down under’ quickly… baby weight melted off, because I … More Elephant In The Room Of Motherhood


Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Emotions…

It’s been a while.  I took a necessary break because I just had too much.  You know, two kids, a husband, a part time job, and a partly committed to home business (fully committed to now).  Honestly, it wasn’t too much.  But my physical body and emotional thresholds were at their ultimate limits.  I couldn’t … More Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Emotions…

My Invisible Ailment

There is something wrong with me. Right now it doesn’t have a name, only suspicions. For all I know, it may never have a name and that might be better. I don’t particularly like being lumped into groups. I’ve never fit anywhere 😉 . What I can tell you is long and I’ll do my … More My Invisible Ailment