Super Simple Turkey Stock

Don’t toss your turkey carcass next week!  Instead, save it and use this recipe to make wonderful, nourishing stock to cook with and use to support your immune system, growing bones in children, or aging bones.  Basically, this is going to benefit all ages AND your pocket book!  You already bought the bird, may as well use it ALL and not buy broth/stock for a few months … More Super Simple Turkey Stock

Preserve Perfect Zucchini

“Don’t leave your car unlocked, someone will put zucchini in it!” Ever heard that before?  Well, this year, I would gladly accept!  Due to the drought, we did not plant much.  But a beautiful friend blessed me with several zucchini last week, and they are getting preserved.  I like to eat them fresh chopped then … More Preserve Perfect Zucchini

Chokecherry Jelly

Remember last week when we picked chokecherries?  I ended Wildcrafting Wednesday’s post by saying we had a gallon of chokecherry juice in the refrigerator ready to become jelly!  And now, it is!  Here’s what we did. When I first started making jam and jelly 8ish years ago, I hated the sugar…  There is SO much […]

More Chokecherry Jelly