Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Dangerous: Fact or Myth

BUBBLES!  Do you expect bubbles or suds in order to feel like something is clean?  So did I.  Then I began learning about chemicals and learned that we are actually trained to need that.  You know what makes those bubbles?  A toxic chemical called… Sodium Lauryl Sulfate… SLS. It is a surfactant added to everything … More Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Dangerous: Fact or Myth

Perfect Pie Crust

When I was ten or twelve, I somehow became the designated pie baker.  I think I enjoyed baking and mom was busy.  The day before Thanksgiving would find me baking lots and lots of pies.  And, I really enjoyed it! This crust recipe came from one of my mom’s ‘little old ladies’.  My mom is … More Perfect Pie Crust