DIY Pumpkin Filling

PUMPKIN!! I love pumpkin pie🥧… Pumpkin bread… Pumpkin anything really. As long as there’s enough sweetener that it doesn’t actually taste like pumpkin, right? 😉 So, years ago when we began this health journey, I questioned everything. Especially if it came in a can. Pumpkin pie that year became interesting. Since, it has become much … More DIY Pumpkin Filling

Sinus Rinse

I haven’t had a prescription in 9 years!  Personally, I think this is awesome.  Yes, I have been sick, but not bad enough to need a prescription.  The last one I had was for a sinus infection.  I had had them off and on for a handful of years prior and always, it ended in … More Sinus Rinse

Apple Turnovers

Close your eyes… imagine taking a bite of the best pastry you’ve ever had in your life.
Cinnamon and Sugar assault your taste buds.
Suddenly, your mouth bursts with apple cinnamon and everything melts into an amazing medly of deliciousness.  … More Apple Turnovers

Mullein Steam

I have a posting plan for the month of October… That said, so far none of our posts have gone according to plan.  And, today is no exception ;).  What can I say?  When there’s a need to fill, you do it!  It is supposed to freeze hard here on Sunday, so I wanted this … More Mullein Steam