Proactive Health – key steps to keeping your immune system in fine form!




We go on a long vacation at least once a year.

And each year, I do a number of things to keep our immune systems strong.

And after each trip I wait…

And I count the weeks.

And after two weeks I breathe a sigh of relief that everything I did worked!

I’ve done this for over three years.  With long road trips.  Abundant public restroom use.  Children that suck their fingers… and we haven’t come home sick yet!

Last year, one of my children could be found licking a hand rail that never sees the light of day! *ick* and didn’t get sick.

This course will cover all the things that we do to keep our immune systems in peak performance for the winter season as well as year round travel!

It is a 28 day long course.  The first five days will have focused content each day and then we will do a Q&A a couple weeks in after you’ve had time to digest the content and have questions.

At the end of 28 days, the group will close.  So be sure to maximize your replay time in those 28 days!