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🌡️”Sarah, my son spiked a fever at 2am, what do I do?”

👂“Sarah, my daughter has a killer ear infection. She’s been screaming for an hour. Any ideas?”

🦷“Oh my gosh! If I don’t get this baby to stop crying over teeth, I’m going to go insane. HALP!”


💭💬I used to get messages like this in my inbox all. the. time. I’d wake up to them and then I’d tell that mama what she could do.


🌱Typically that advise would be some home remedy most likely contained in her cupboard.

🌱Occasionally she wouldn’t have what she needed on hand and then she bought whatever that was so that next time she wouldn’t be in a bind.

🌱So that next time when I told her exactly what to do to keep her sanity, she was ready.🤜💥🤛


Those messages led to this course, ❄️Winter Remedies❄️. It’s a fun name but seriously, you can get a yeast infection in any season.😝🙄


It has home remedies for:

 Teething 🦷
 Ear Infection👂
 Strep Throat 👅
 Fever 🤒


This is your basic home remedy course so that you are prepared in the middle of the night the next time your child spikes a fever or your husband can’t breath because of lung congestion.

We can think that we’ll never need this information or that you’ll figure it out when the time comes.  Let me tell you, the time is now.  Because in the heat of a moment, infused with panic and possibly lack of sleep, is not the time to be learning how your spice rack may be able to assist you.

Get this information before you need it and move forward into the colder months confident in your home remedy knowledge!

Course will take place inside a Facebook group in October on a date that is yet to be determined.

5 thoughts on “Winter Remedies Course

  1. If you are unsure about doing this course, honestly just do it! It is excellent value for money, and like me you can start using what you’ve learned straight away! Sarah makes everything super easy to understand, gives real life examples, and really makes you feel empowered to care for yourself and your family! Thank you so much Sarah, I really enjoyed the course and look forward to your next one!

  2. This course was a good value for the money, I got several new recipes and techniques to use with my family that I could use immediately utilizing things that I had in my home already. It is a very good basic course to get you started on doing things in a more natural way than over the counter medication or prescription meds and antibiotics.

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