Garlic Oil

When I was little, I had chronic ear infections.  I’ve heard of a few reasons for this, one of which was that my parents were divorced…  Apparently if parents are divorced or fight a lot, a child is more likely to have chronic ear infections.  No idea if that’s true but there it is.

So, I had them.  That is probably what we went to the doctor for the most and it’s also what familiarized me with our local health food store at a young age.  We used ear wax candles and garlic oil and I don’t even know what else.  I remember one time, probably on a Friday night we had ran out of garlic oil and mom was going to buy more the next day but I was in screaming pain… yes, I was screaming.  I couldn’t have been more than four…  So she decided that just squeezing garlic into my ear would be a good idea.  DON’T DO THAT!  It burned.  The pain was SO intense.  And no amount of water to rinse it out was helping (In the event you don’t heed this warning and try it, water wouldn’t wash it away anyway… but a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil would have helped dilute the burning pain I was in).  It was many many years later that I learned you CAN make that amazing garlic oil that we would buy.  But you need more than garlic to do it.

Since having children of my own, I’ve learned a ton about how to help them with wellness and illness naturally.  Garlic oil is a staple in our home.  It’s actually really simple to make and what I like best about it is it isn’t just for ear infections.  Garlic is an antibiotic so it will help fight all manner of illness.  And, the garlic oil part is wonderful because you don’t need to consume it to benefit from it!  All you need is… SKIN.  Got any?  Good.

When glands begin to swell in the neck, I’m in there with my fingers slathered, rubbing and pulling down toward the feet so that the lymph is encouraged to move and not stagnate.

I’ll use a dropper and put a drop or two into the ear, because ‘infection’ or not, ear pain or not, there will be something backed up in the ears and garlic oil will work on it in the ear canal as well as absorbing through the skin.

Respiratory yuck?  I rub down the chest and back over the lungs with garlic oil.  It will get in there and start doing it’s antibiotic thing.  It does stain, so use clothing that you’re okay with staining.

And the bottom of the feet.  I use these if my child is sleeping soundly and I don’t want to disturb them but also want them to have another ‘dose’ of fight from garlic oil.  Just rub it in, give a little massage while you’re at it and let them continue to rest.

So, how do I make this miracle rub?  Just two ingredients.  Garlic and Olive Oil.  You could add a little coconut oil if you’d like.  I prefer olive so that my eye dropper can always get it regardless of temperature.

Simply dice up 5 cloves of garlic and saute in 1.5 Tbs of olive oil on low to med-low heat.  You don’t want the garlic to burn.

I tend to leave it until the pieces are hard which is a little longer than I mean to.  Allow it to cool then strain off the garlic chunks and compost them while SAVING all of that oil.  While you sauteed the garlic, the antibiotic properties transferred into and infused into the olive oil.  Some are lost due to using heat.  If you plan ahead enough, you can infuse it over the course of a couple weeks in a jar with diced garlic and olive oil.  I tend to find myself making it on the stove at about 2am…

I like to put some into a dropper bottle for use in ears and some in a small container for easy chest rub use.  Though, there’s nothing that says you couldn’t eye dropper it onto a chest and rub it in either.  I’ve done that!

I use this for EVERYTHING!

Fever, Garlic oil.  It will fight something.

Cold, garlic oil.

Bronchial cough, garlic oil.

Dry hacking cough, garlic oil.

Infection of any kind, garlic oil.

Ear ache/infection, GARLIC OIL!!

When we are fighting a particularly bad bug, I make sure I or my children remain ‘oily’ with it… even if that means rubbing it in every 15 minutes.  You see, natural remedies aren’t like pharmaceuticals.  You cannot use it once and be set for 6 hours.  You have to use it regularly and diligently.  In the case of garlic oil, the skin will absorb it and it will not harm anything other than the virus or bacteria it is mean to attack.

It is so easy and you most likely have everything you need to make it already in your home.  So, go get some made!  That way you have it when you need it.

It will keep for 3-4 months.  You can refrigerate it and extend that time.

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Coming soon, dairy free Creamy Chicken Soup!

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Garlic Oil
Antibiotic rub from your pantry to your skin in minutes!
Prep Time 3
Cook Time 10
Prep Time 3
Cook Time 10
  1. Dice 5 cloves of Garlic and add to 1.5 Tbs Olive Oil.
  2. Saute on medium-low heat for 5-10 minutes (don't burn the garlic).
  3. Allow to cool some before straining off the garlic pieces and KEEPING the oil.
  4. Put oil in dropper bottle or small glass jar for quick easy access. (plastic is okay if that is all you have.)