After Birth Recovery Soup

Do you know a pregnant woman? Chances are you do. And, chances are that that woman will be left alone and forgotten in her postpartum period. Western culture is sorely lacking in the skill of mothering a mother. I hope that, with the help of thousands of you, we can begin to change that! … More After Birth Recovery Soup


How I Avoided Postpartum Depression A 5th Time

There was a day that I was angry. I used a pair of jeans to pull across my shoulders as an outlet for the anger and frustration. After I’d fatigued my muscles doing that, the legs of those jeans found their way around my neck…

I was choking myself.

And the voice in my head said it was ok. Everyone would be relieved if I were gone. I wouldn’t be a burden anymore. My children’s emotional health would be better because they wouldn’t have a sick Mommy anymore… … More How I Avoided Postpartum Depression A 5th Time