Preserve Perfect Zucchini

“Don’t leave your car unlocked, someone will put zucchini in it!” Ever heard that before?  Well, this year, I would gladly accept!  Due to the drought, we did not plant much.  But a beautiful friend blessed me with several zucchini last week, and they are getting preserved.  I like to eat them fresh chopped then … More Preserve Perfect Zucchini

Chokecherry Jelly

Remember last week when we picked chokecherries?  I ended Wildcrafting Wednesday’s post by saying we had a gallon of chokecherry juice in the refrigerator ready to become jelly!  And now, it is!  Here’s what we did. When I first started making jam and jelly 8ish years ago, I hated the sugar…  There is SO much […]

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